Quit the cycle of overworking.
Gain control over your own life and business.
Become a Solopreneur CEO:

    Applications open ONLY to the waitlist on Fri. Oct. 20!

    THIS IS FOR YOU → Busy solopreneur* who wants to increase clarity & focus, and get back your time & energy... you make awesome progress on your business goals WITHOUT sacrificing your personal life!

    *Any level welcome — from brand-new to 10+ years of experience in business.

    What happens when you become a Solopreneur CEO... 👇

    Overcome burnout, overwhelm, guilt.

    Work through frustrating real-world obstacles, mindset blocks, and internal bottlenecks (e.g. perfectionism, people-pleasing, shame, procrastination, etc) holding you back from your goals — so you finally reclaim your time and energy and STOP getting in your own way.

    Ensure long-term sustainability.

    Design structures, processes, systems, and strategies that take into account long-lasting, long-term sustainability — so you don't keep reinventing the wheel, working yourself to exhaustion, or wondering how to maintain your business success for the long haul.

    Align your business with your values.

    Restructure your solopreneur business model so it is FULLY customized to your personal values, lifestyle wants and needs, and your vision and goals — so you get to do and be more of your BEST self, using personality-based productivity methods that accommodate for your unique brain.